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February 2018

Tuzik to promote Inspektor® CT channel and lumen inspection system. The Inspektor® CT System allows the technician to visually confirm the inside of an instrument or scope is...

July 2016

Tuzik to promote InstruSafe™ instrument trays in New England.  

June 2016

Tuzik to distribute Genicon’s line of specimen retrieval devices and laparoscopic instruments in New England...

Padgett Dermatome promotion

Integra announces Padgett Dermatome Model S/S6 trade-in and volume blade discounts. Customers receive $3,500 trade-in discount on Model S and 10-25% off blades purchased in bulk. 10% off 2-3 boxes and 25% off 4 or more boxes.

Jarit MIS instrument promotion

Integra announces Jarit MIS instrument promotion on many popular Uni-body patterns at $499 or less and many popular Slide-Lock patterns at an additional 10% off GPO contract price.

July 2014

Tuzik to represent Aeculap Suture selling the PremiCron® line of Non-Absorbable Surgical...