A Tradition of Excellence

Repair Service

We offer

  • Factory and on-site service
  • Over-the-weekend tray restoration
  • Custom modifications
  • Instrument evaluation and testing
  • Free repair accessories- “Repair” and “Sharpen” locking tags
  • Re-Tape (color code) instruments at no charge with original Scanlan Surg-i-band™ marking tape
  • Volume discounts
  • Loaner Programs


scissors, forceps, needle holders, retractors rongeurs, bone-cutters, curettes, osteotomes, chisels, gouges, mallets, pin/wire cutters rasps, saws, hand drills, drill bits elevators, hooks, dissectors, dilator, probes, spatulas specula, cannula, trocars, suction tubes


graspers, dissectors, needle holders, scissors electrosurgical-mono/bipolar cannula


rigid scopes, flexible scopes

Power Equipment

saws, drills, reamers, hoses


lightsources, fiberoptic cables, lighted retractors/speculum

Office Location

104 Longwater Drive
Assinippi Park
MA 02061

Regional Sales Map

We cover all of New England
and Upstate New York

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Phone Numbers

Telephone: (781) 878-6363
Toll Free: (800) 886-6363
Fax:(781) 878-6938
Email: info@tuzikboston.com